Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Notes for Tuesday

My later starting time at work had me wondering this morning if everybody else thought that sitting in traffic, waiting to go through an intersection seemed way longer than three minutes doing other things?

I would like to thank everybody for all of their kind comments on the last post, especially those who wrote poems in my honor.

My favorite morning show hosts now have their very own website. Check out WynnandWilson.com. Make a comment if you feel lead to do so.

Long time readers here know my disdain for some local traffic reports. Now another service, Metro networks, has decided to do most of their reports in this region from a hub in Detroit. If you want to know how this may work, do a Mapquest of a route familiar to you. This is what happened to me yesterday. I had to go to a rental place to put a deposit on a sound system for my company picnic. I used an internet map service(they shall remain nameless since they own Blogger). I thought this may be a quicker route than the one I was familiar with. I was wrong and getting stuck in traffic with a full bladder isn't the best feeling you can have. Now getting back to the traffic reports, I will stick with the live and locally owned stations who have their own traffic reporters, thank you.

My thoughts for my coming Sunday Musing are going towards organization and procrastination.

Have a tremendous day!


Pat Jenkins said...

i was thinking about you sunday night wondering if you "stayed up later" to see if lee could finish off his no-no!!

74WIXYgrad said...

No I went to bed early as I usually do. Too much going on nowadays.

dons_mind said...

hey congrats on ur 1000 post man....good deal.

down here they generate a traffic report if four cars show up at the same stoplight at the same time!!! lol (san angelo IS a small town)

you get more than 6 cars on the loop at the same time and the state police show up to see whats going on... lol

i have a 6 mile drive to work in the mornings. i leave the house at about 5:55 or 6 - - if i pass more than 1 car i panic cuz i'll get stuck in a jam somewhere! lol

i could go on..but you get the idea...

keep up the fine blog cliff - - i like stopping by.....

Busy Bee Suz said...

Organization and procrastination?
Two of my favorite things.

Rich in Medina said...

Funny....I listen to WJR a lot and get Detroit traffic updates.(via JetCopter 760)

74WIXYgrad said...

Rich: Thank's for commenting again. I know you've been reading but I've missed your responses.

Now if they could send Jetcopter 760 over 77 between 3:30 and 4:00pm, I might start listening. Just cover the area between 490 and the turnpike.

But seriously, OMW told me via email that a couple of producers from Cleveland will be making the move to Detroit. That and other technology may help make it seamless.