Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Speaking of Sports

Okay, so the Orlando Magic beat the Cavaliers four games to two, putting an end to an otherwise great season for the Cavaliers. Now the buzz about town is the way Lebron left the court without congratulating the Orlando players and leaving the building without talking to the media.

I'm not an expert on basketball and I cannot give you the mechanical reason the Cavs lost except to say that in four games Orlando scored more points, as a team, than the Cavs.

I'm also not an expert on human behavior and can't give you an exact reason why Lebron talked to no one immediately after the game. Only thing I can tell you on that subject is that people put too much faith, or way too much damnation, in their fellow man, whether it be an exceptionally gifted athlete or the president of the United States.

Sports is a good diversion from real life, but that's all it is, a diversion. In my neck of the woods, we have fallout from the auto industry to deal with, as a Chrysler plant, a GM plant and part of another are slated to close. We need to look for that better mousetrap. I'm trying to build one for my son in law. That's the game that's currently being played worldwide.

Lebron James not shaking hands with Dwight Howard doesn't affect my paycheck at all.


Pat Jenkins said...

would of you been as accepting wixy if the roles were reversed. and dwight howard walked away after your cavs had taken them down?

74WIXYgrad said...

Honestly I wouldn't have cared either way. We have a talk show host, Mike Trivisonno aka the anti hero of this blog, who dines on Lebron whenever he doesn't have anything else to talk about. His pet name for him is "Leboob."

I didn't watch more than a minute of any playoff game in any of the three rounds and I told people that I would accept the Cavs as a championship team when people were flipping over cars and burning buildings in the 'hood.

Once again, sports are a divirsion.

And when you consider that the last major sports championship in my home area was in 1964(and I was living out of state at that time) I have just taken for granted that another region will have the champion.

Brenda said...

It was not very "sportsman" like conduct not to "shake" the hands of the opposing team. But I can imagine his disappointment at the end of that game. People around here put all their hopes on him, just this one guy. And he probably feels like he let them down, because he put it all on himself as well. People should leave him alone. I'm sure he was envisioning those championship games, now he needs to grieve their loss. I watched most of the games, and I feel Lebron is a good "team" player. I don't even like basketball, but by the time he did that last second 3 pointer, I was excited.
But in the line of thinking like you, after the last game was over, and the Cavs were done, my life still went on, it didn't affect it one way or another (except for maybe that I didn't waste money on a T-Shirt, I have way too many Tribe Division Champion t-shirts, ha). I've said it with the Tribe & we can say it with the Cavs........maybe next year.
Have a GREAT day!!

Ben said...

Disappointing? Yes. Earth shattering? No. A bit too much emphasis is placed on "King James". Now folks lie awake nights worried that the King will abscond to New York. I believe Cleveland can even survive a post-Lebron world, just like the post-Thome, post-C.C.,etc., etc. world. Your perspective is the healthiest one - there are bigger fish to fry (like jobs!)
And I cannot listen to Mike Trivisano.

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

That's the most reasonable and succinct comment I've read so far!

Margaret said...

I agree, Cliff. There are much bigger issues afoot than a handshake. I wrote about one of them on my blog this evening.