Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'll take the high road, you take the low road

Or...When you see a fork in the road, take it!

I was late for work this morning. With a 46 mile drive, I usually take special pains to get out of my house in order to clock in on time. Sometimes there's a wrench thrown into the works.

We all know that the orange barrel is currently in full bloom and interstate 77 has two places that I travel in my daily commute where there's construction. Right before the Ohio 21 exit in Richfield, Ohio, there's bridge work and the northbound lanes are split. The "fast lane" is routed over the median and runs alongside(separared by a temporary concrete barrier) the south bound lanes. It becomes an express lane since the two lanes don't come back together until after the Ohio 21 exit ramp.

Anyway, there are several signs alerting drivers of the change. You can drive straight through and remain on 77 using either lane. You need to use the right hand lane if you want to exit 21 and it's suggested you stay in that lane if you want to exit on the Ohio Turnpike. BUT you have to watch out for the "other guy" and this morning somebody evidently didn't.
Traffic was stop and go for over a mile this morning because there was an accident right at the beginning of the rerouting. According to traffic reports there were injuries. I hope none were severe, but I'm sure that I wasn't the only one late for work.

People need to pay attention to the orange signs when traveling in an unfamiliar area or situation. But the DOT should possibly simplify the signs also.

This traffic report was brought to you by the WIXY Donut Shop. We have daily specials for our regular customers. Prune danishes for those who aren't.


Busy Bee Suz said...

Terrible driving conditions for you folks...such a shame.
Be sure NOT to have the prune danish if you might get caught in traffic. That could be messier.

Margaret said...

People need to pay attention period. I witnessed a near-accident on the way home tonight. Someone pulled out in front of someone and missed the by inches.
And what's up with no one using their turn signals anymore?! Or is this just a Maryland phenomenon?

dons_mind said...

doh-nuts!!! luv doh-nuts!! mmmmmmm :)

Jen said...

Be careful out there Cliff!
My son and I went up I-71 today to Jeffersonville. Traffic stopped just before the Kings Island exit. I wasn't happy-
After inching along for over a mile to the exit, there was the white sheet. My heart sunk-how horrible.