Tuesday, December 09, 2008

An announcement and a request

The Announcement: The Eagles will be near my neck of the woods this coming March 25, at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland. I'm sure that there are some who read these words who like this news. WMJI/105.7 will be giving away tickets for this event tomorrow, December 10. Listen between 9:00AM and 5:00PM for your chance to win. Out of the area? Go to WMJI.com and click on "listen live". Good luck Eagles fans. I'm sure that Cleveland wouldn't be a real long drive from, say Dearborn, Michigan, would it Shelley?

The Request: There is a blog I go to every once in awhile called Skittles Place. I participated in a contest called caption this late last week. Skittles, aka Barb put all the best captions to a vote. I am currently leading in the voting. Go on over and cast your vote. Also check out Barb's blog, which is another blog written by a fifty something blogger. Barb does a good job posting questions and also heads up a weekly meme called "Heads or Tails.

Last but certainly not least remember Jeremy on your prayers.


Shellmo said...

Wixy - if they don't have Detroit on their concert list - then the hubby & I definitely have to road trip it out to Cleveland! Thank you for posting this!

Shellmo said...

P.S. I'll go over to Skittles right now and stuff the ballot.

Jen said...

OK I voted. I voted for the best comment. ;)

Anonymous said...

Better read the fine print. Most of Cear Channel contests say you have to be in the LOCAL LISTENING area [meaning broadcast by the antenna]to win any contests they have. I would assume this would be to keep some out of state listeners from using "demon dialers" to call in and win all the tickets and then re-sell them on Ebay or elsewhere for big bucks.