Friday, December 05, 2008

Happy Birthday to Shellmo

Today, December 5, is the --nd birthday of Shelley, of Building a Log Cabin fame. In the last few months, she has become a good friend of my blogs and she has an blogs of her own. Go over to Building a Log Cabin and check out how she is preparing for Christmas and the coming winter months. Leave a comment or two. I'm sure she'll appreciate it.

Cliff Note: What she might not appreciate is me stealing this photo from her log home website, but I've got to make my blog look a little better. To your right is Shelley and her main squeeze, husband Greg. They are independent authorized representatives of Hiawatha Log Homes.

Shelly is a blogging friend of mine
Her log home I think is mighty fine
To walk outside and breathe fresh air
Experiences with us she'll share.


Diamond said...

Geez certainly are an early riser.

Shellmo said...

Wixy - thank you so much for the birthday wishes!!! Today I am don't know how hard it was for me to type that. Thinking about deleting that last sentence..leaving now..... :-0

Jen said...

Very nice!!
Happy birthday to my blog friend too! :D

melanie said...

Hey! I pray you have an awesome weekend friend!!! :)

coltfan said...

a log home in the country would be the life .