Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New friend from the snowbelt

I always enjoy adding bloggers to my friends list. This one is a result of Jessica, of Five Pines fame, and her Christmas card exchange. Thanks to Jessica, I have picked up three friends this year, the other two being Jen and Shellmo.

Introducing Tales From the Pigeon. Pigeon comes from Chesterland, Ohio, an area that some of us in Northeast Ohio refer to as the snowbelt. The area has a higher elevation and is a straight shot off Lake Erie, meaning when we get wind currents from Canada, the moist air from the lake forms a ton more snow than others of us get. In comparison, I live in the Chippewa Valley and am more fortunate most of the time. We get an inch and a half of snow, the snowbelt gets a foot and a half.

Anyway back to my post. Pigeon has a blog that features her photography and family. She is also a participant of Weird Object Friday, a weekly post where she will find an unusual object and feature this on her blog.

Today Pigeon is showing off the photos she is able to take with her new camera, which was an early Christmas present.

To those who haven't visited, go on and do so. Check it out and leave a message to say how much you enjoy Tales From the Pigeon.

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Pigeon said...

Thanks Cliff, That was a really nice intro!