Tuesday, December 30, 2008


In late January of this year, Suzanne was not feeling up to posting on her blog. She sent me an email with this poem, asking me to post it as a message to Amias:

Sleeping Under Her Wing
At night when all is quiet
I notice my toes are warm
despite the snow on the ground
beneath me.
I curl into a ball
at the foot of my bed
hiding the hurt
and the tears
from little patters
of feet.
I wail so hard
silently my head
wants to explode.
She with her wing
wipes my tears.
She with her words
sings to me
and twiddles my hair.
I rub a single feather
I plucked from her wing
and stroke my cheek with it.
It soothes me.
I am warm.
I am safe.
I pull it together.
I send her
that same feather.
Although she has tons.

The following was Amias' response in my comment section:

Liquid, Cliff .... You two are so very special ... and as the tears flows from these tired old eyes --- I am remembering the story of the good Samaritan. Bless my soul, can you imagine how I feel with two!

We all hurt from time to time, no matter the reason behind the pain, it's just as painful. It good to know that someone cares.

God bless you both ... and may peace forever be your companion.

Much love, respect, and honor ...

From that point forward, Suzanne and I would end many of our communications with each other with, Blue Feather, Red Feather or Green Feather. That was code for"I pray the protection of God and His angels on you."

In a few hours, Suzanne's memorial service will take place in Meridian, Mississippi. I pray that Suzanne's parents, Jerry and Betty, Her brother Greg, and her children, Campbell and Isabella, be able to reach out and take a feather. May this feather dry tears, provide comfort, and ease the pain.

There are plenty of feathers to go around. May all those who feel a loss at this time receive a feather. Receive this feather as Suzanne's prayer for blessing and protection.

I also want to say at this point that I've noticed a lot of hits from Meridian on my site meter. If any of Suzanne's family are reading these words and would like to leave a comment please do. Please leave it a nice comment, dedicated to Suzanne's memory.


Jessica said...

Blessing to her family and friends on this very hard day. And to you too Cliff. You have been so kind with all your posts in Suzanne's memory the last few days.

Pat Jenkins said...

Cliff, I am so very sorry for the loss of your friend. There really are no words to take away the feelings that you are experiencing but please know that there are alot of people out here who think you are a very special person and are praying for you to find peace with this as well. I know Pat really appreciates the friendship you two have acquired. Again, I am so sorry both for you and her family. Mrs. PatJ

74WIXYgrad said...

Mrs PatJ, I thank you for the comments. I plan on doing two more posts on Suzanne, then I will go back to what I had planned. I know that everybody will be eager to see who will receive what 2008 Top Banana Awards.

There are things that now make sense to me, which is something I plan on writing about sometime tomorrow.

Frasypoo said...

Hi Cliff
I just read all your posts on Suzanne.It is a wonderful tribute to a lovely person
Her death has been a weight on me and I just knew her thro the blogs and truly understand how you must feel.
She was a sweet person and made an impact on everyone who she came in contact with.
I know she is not in any more emotional pain now

clean and crazy said...

Peace be with you and yours, and her family as well. may thoughts of love comfort you as you grieve the loss of a wonderful person, this world is a little less happy right now...

Michelle Dawn said...

I hope peace will come to the family and I hope she has the peace she had sought for. I am really beginning to understand her more through your memories. I love the poem. I now understad what feathers meant. God Speed Suzanne!

♥Shann♥ said...

my heart hurts for you all, and her family. Gabriella moonlight talked about you and Suzanne on her blog and I came over to send my support. I am so sorry. I know how much our blogger friends mean to us...

cathouse teri said...

Happy I am for the feathers in the world.

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

I'm over here from PoeticLicense, who has posted about Suzanne today.

I hadn't met her or read her blog until today and that she has gone is such a terrible loss.

I just wanted to say how sorry I am.


Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Suzanne's blog was one of my favorites and I had no idea this happened until I clicked on Sandy's. I didn't even know her name,but she had a link to me as well. Coincidentally i found you on the link and I am from Cleveland (Solon). We are the same age and I certainly remember listening to WIXY on my transister radio. I wrote about Cleveland Christmas memories a week or so ago. I'm very sorry for the loss of Suzanne. Of course, even though I didn't know her - these blogs make us friends somehow.

74WIXYgrad said...

Funny how those things have a way of working. I started my blog as a result of posting on local message boards and for the first nine months, my readership was my forum buddies and friends who come as a result of word of mouth. My handle of 74WIXYgrad comes from the fact that I attended the WIXY School of Broadcast Technique in 1974. Then as a result of clicking the "next blog" button led me to these blogs from Mississippi and a friendship I will never forget.

Visit often, Diane. I sometimes have items of local interest.

Shellmo said...

Just very sad for the loss of someone's friend, someone's mother, someone's daughter -- you have done such a nice tribute Wixy.

BabyBlue said...

A fellow blogger and friend of Suzanne's (he calls her Suzi) and I have been on Skype talking about this loss. I just wanted you to know that I am so very sorry - it's hard to understand how this could happen so suddenly. Please know that you and Suzanne's family and friends are in my prayers and I pray for peace - and that we love lots and we love often.


rdl said...

Thanks for posting this.

Awake In Rochester said...

That was beautiful and so is the love that you all shared, share!

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