Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bronchitis and a Bomb Threat

Friday afternoon after I got home from working and other things, I had to turn around and take Mrs74 to the urgent care center. She could have gotten an appointment with our PCP, but the road conditions Friday morning weren't conducive to me being comfortable with my sick wife driving to the doctor by herself.

Nice thing about the urgent care center we are currently going to is that we can get in and get out rather quickly. This time we were charged for an office visit, which saved us ten dollars. Doctor checked her heart and lungs, gave her a prescription and sent us on our way.

Now as all of us in HMO's know, you cannot go to the nearest pharmacy to get the prescription filled. We went to Buehlers on Forest Meadows Drive, in Medina. We come in there through the back way, so we had no idea what was happening at the shopping center across the street. We got the prescription filled and wanted to get us a bite to eat, only we couldn't go the direction we had planned on going. There were emergency vehicles everywhere, not allowing anybody to go in the area of the shopping center. We turned in the other direction and ate at Arby's. After we were done eating Mrs74 got nosy and wanted to see what was happening. We traveled in the area around the shopping center and saw emergency vehicles all over that side of the center. We still could not find out what was happening.

When I got home, I went online to see if any of the local news services had anything about it, but no one did.

Saturday morning I bought a copy of the Medina Gazette and read that there was an evacuation, due to a box being underneath a government vehicle, parked near the Armed Forces recruiting center. The box was empty. Click here for the story.

I think the authorities were right in evacuating the area, as you don't know if someone was targeting a recruiter. It just was very inconvenient for some of the shoppers and managers of the retail establishments, this happening the Friday before Christmas.

I worked in situations where we had to evacuate our building due to bomb threats. When I was in high school, I remember when the school had to be evacuated because of someone calling in a threat. I was changing out of my gym clothes when the announcement was made.

It's good to know that our safety forces were on the job no matter what this was. It's also good to know that this story didn't have a tragic ending.


Pigeon said...

I just hate the way the health care system works these days. My Dr's office has a Cleveland Clinic on sight facility to draw bloodwork, but it is out of network for my plan so, I have to go way out of my way, to another location, anytime I need bloodwork drawn. Ugh! I hope Mrs 74 is feeling better!

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I hope your wife gets feeling better! And I'm glad the bomb threat turned out to be nothing.