Friday, December 19, 2008

Unintentional Tribute, I'm sure.

I was driving this week to work and listening to my new most favorite morning program, Wynn and Wilson in the Morning on WQMX/94.9-"your station-your country." Anyway during the first half hour, they have their Micky D's coffee klatch, and Sue has been declaring the "fruit of the day." The past couple of days the fruit has been banana. Yesterday I didn't think anything about it, but today I had to email Scott and Sue and tell them I appreciated this because of the name of this blog. Sue emailed me back and let me know I made her smile, which is one of the intents of my blogging. To your upper left is a photo of Sue Wilson. It had been awhile since I had posted any photos here, so I thought I would improve the looks of my blog and get this one off the WQMX website. Besides, she looks too young to have two college age daughters, dontcha think?


Michelle Dawn said...

I wouldn't have thought she had 2 college age girls. She looks young. Glad you made her smile.

melanie said...

Wixy you make me smile as well! :)

Rittman.Indian.Band.Geek said...

i probly wont be on my blogger site after today until the holidays are over then i'll be back! thats why iam posting everything i need too before signing off till January...

Just Wanted too let you know i hope you have a good christmas and new years! iam goin too my grandma's on christmas eve, shes haveing a family party, get too see family members that i dont see much!!

See You in the New Year!
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