Friday, December 12, 2008

I need to make a correction

I just heard from Scott Wynn a few minutes ago. He pointed that I made a mistake in the post about him. I mentioned that in 1997, he won the CMT award as radio personality of the year. It should have been CMA, as in Country Music Association. Another correction I would like to make is that he has been in radio for over 28 years.

The important thing is that Scott Wynn and Sue Wilson "get it" as far as blogging is concerned.

Again, pay them a visit and get to know them.

Scott Wynn's Window

Sue Wilson's Voice Over

Cliff Note: Speaking of awards, keep in mind that the 2008 Top Banana awards will be coming out soon.


YEKIMI said...

For the 2008 Top Banana, my vote goes to Fleegle. As relevant today as he was 40 years ago! [Snorky for second banana]

Michelle Dawn said...

looking forward to the awards

coltfan said...

Hi cliff ! sorry I haven't posted for a few

wzzp said...

I hope I am in the running for a top banana award! Can I get you some fried chicken to "grease" the wheels. What are your demands?

Rittman.Indian.Band.Geek said...

** i got a new clip of our band at new london on my page !!! **