Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Food for Thought

One of the best things about being a middle aged blogger is I can write about personal experience and be able to attract readers who can identify. Those who read these words share one of their best qualities with me-we're human and make no apologies about it.

I try to make some of my shortcomings known in a humorous way, but sometimes I realize things have to be told in a straightforeward way. I learned that the other day from a fellow blogger. If you would guess Liquid, you would be right.

Lquid posted the other day about the fact she would show appreciation to a total stranger being nice, but being too busy noticing something her daughter did for her. After hearing that still small voice, she had to make things right with her daughter who had found some flowers and picked them just for her mother. Click here to read the story.

We can all learn from that story. I can especially learn from that seeing I posted last week about going out of my way to be kind to cashiers, but I had failed time and again showing appreciation to my children when they were growing up.

Don't obsess over things you can't change while ignoring the things you can.


Liquid said...

Especially today..........as I pause for a moment of silence.......I am reminded to make "wrongs" right and to tell eveyone around me how much they are appreciated and loved. Thank you WIXY for your kind soft words.

You, my friend, are such a blessing.

Pilgrim said...

Liquied is a genius at pointing out the most simple truths. I was moved by her honesty nd humilty.

Let's face it, we've all stood at that stove receently. I went home last night and gave my wife and kid's a big hug and went out of my way to show the in-laws a little warmth (I can't cross the hug threshold wih them. A sincere smile for no reason did the trick).

Loved the quote at the end of the post Brother. eh-hem, *sincere smile*