Tuesday, September 04, 2007


One thing that keeps me going at times is all the kind comments left by those who stop by. If it happens to be one who has their own blog, I may put the link over on my side bar, if their blog appeals to me. If it happens to be one of my NE Ohio friends, the blog gets a link and at least one mention. It's my goal to share with my friends some of the great blogging I've come across in the past year.

I've had comments left by good people who don't blog, but support those who do. Good folks, such as David5258, whom I just had email contact with in the past couple of weeks. Funny thing though, he lives maybe, 9 miles from me. We've posted on the national boards together. I told him over at radio-info that we may have spoken a couple of months ago over at the Mill Restaurant at Buehlers in Orrville. Small world.

CollegeDJ86, a young man who lives no more than 10 miles away, also frequently visits and will occasionally leave comments. I envision him as a young man who has a bright future.

Rich in Medina, his wife graduated from my alma mater, Highland High School. Rich does a good job at encouraging me and will sometime take me to task about something I wrote. Not a thing wrong with that. We can always disagree without being disagreeable.

The beauty of having a small readership is I can thank most of my readers by name. But then again, I do live in a small town.



david5258 said...

cliff--thank you for your kind comments. i look forward to reading your blog regulary. just read the stella awards above--man they are too hilarious to be true, but sadly, they probably are. feel free to email off blog at wdg9396@yahoo.com (new). thanks. btw will be praying for your wife during surgery tomorrow.--david5258

collegedj86 said...

WIXY, I do indeed hope my future is bright. I've been a bit harder pressed to keep up on reading as of late since my senior year at Grove City College (PA) has gotten underway. My week is filled with classes and meetings and such, and my weekends are filled with football and band announcing (live football game stream at gcc.edu/sports on gameday). It's still nice to read reflections on what's going on around the area though, and I'm glad you're having fun writing them. Keep up the good work and God bless!

Todd aka collegedj86