Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Having some fun with a previous thought

Earlier this month I posted about the way I treat most cashiers. I say things like thank you for working at ----. Almost all of the time they love it. I thought about this tonight as I was buying some milk and cheddar cheese at the Rittman IGA.

I was paying for my two items and said after I got my change and receipt, "thank you for working at IGA". As usual I shocked both the cashier and the bagger. Last time I checked, the evil big box store did not have baggers. Anyway the cashier then stepped up and said, and thank you for shopping at IGA. The bagger said I like that! All three of us got what we wanted, they got customer appreciation and I got a smile and a chuckle from both.

Back to the IGA: The Fouttys have done a tremendous job serving the town since the store opened in June. The store is clean and orderly, and if they don't have it, they will order it. I went there Sunday to get some macaroni salad, about two pounds, and one of the employees looked at me and said, "we really appreciate your business." That has never happened at the evil big box store.

This business really serves the community and I feel that there are about 6300 most important folks in this town as far as they are concerned.


WZZP said...

I may be making a trip to the Rittman IGA. I need to check it out. I wonder if it is like Shaker's IGA in Olmsted Township/Olmsted Falls. Shaker's IGA has good fried chicken as well!

Frasypoo said...

People need to be appreciated and thats a great way to show how much you care for what they do.
Thats a good idea

Liquid said...

We should EACH take heed of WIXY's behavior and thank someone, out of the ordinary, for what they do to help in our lives.

Bravo WIXY!


Bizdecision said...

WIXY...I miss the small town stores. When I was growing up in Massillon, I used to go to Bordner's grocery store all the time. Sometimes I stop in when I visit the folks. I see many of the same customers and workers that have been there for so many years. Friendly and familiar faces are a good thing.

Great idea about thanking those people that work those jobs! We would be lost without them and valuable work they do.