Friday, September 07, 2007

I hate when this happens

Mrs74WIXYgrad is now on the road to recovery. She has some pain, but her sleep pattern is messed up. As it is 3:30am as I write these words, I do notice she slept well so far this night, for some. For me it's morning.

I has an idea late yesterday afternoon, but figured since the missus is in some discomfort and feeling neglected, I would wait to post it. I thought I would be sitting at this time with a cup of coffee next to me,which I have, expounding upon the idea that popped in my mind yesterday which I no longer have.

Don't you hate it when this happens? Check the side of your milk cartons today. You may see the missing idea of mine.

If I remember it, and it's still a worthwhile idea, I will post it. I will write it down if I can't get to a computer with it fresh in my mind. If I think it was stupid, then oh well. At least I didn't start a draft of it.

Now, I am going to fix me some breakfast.


Liquid said...

I hope that as I post this comment that Mrs.WIXY is sitting up sipping some hot tea and commenting on what a beautiful day it is today! I'm sure glad her surgery went well and that she is on her way to recovery.

@;~~~~ (a flower for her!)

74WIXYgrad said...

The missus doesn't like hot tea. Now she drinks iced tea(unsweetened) by the gallon. Her mother is fixing us supper tonight, so things are looking up.