Sunday, September 16, 2007

From the Pressbox-Medina Band Show

Let me start by saying that I made a couple of mistakes in the preview post for this show. First, the name of the stadium is Ken Dukes(not Duke) Stadium. Next Barberton and Midview weren't there. But then I got the part about about Barberton and Midview from the Medina Schools website, from which I have stolen the following:

"The Medina Band Boosters are hosting a Band Show on Saturday, September 15 at Ken Dukes Stadium, performance begins at 7 p.m. Along with the Medina Musical Marching Bees the following schools will be participating: Rittman, Columbia Raiders, Field, Brookside Cardinals, Midview, Barberton, Highland, and Riverside. This is the 11th annual show sponsored by the Boosters."

Anyway on with my review. For the second Saturday in a row, the Rittman Indians Marching Band performed on artificial turf, but this time we didn't have to contend with heat and humidity. Ahh, September in Northeast Ohio, gotta love it. Anyway I was running late on my way to the show and scared a few people, as they were concerned that for only the second time in eight years a substitute announcer would be needed. For the record, I got there with two songs to spare in the Columbia performance. At that time there was some overall tension in the press box. I hate it when that occurs. And I do whatever I can to cut tension, and cut it I did.

Our Marching Indians performed the same show as last week(why mess with perfection?), but the sound quality was improved over the last time. The capacity crowd at Ken Dukes Stadium, was a very receptive and appreciative audience. They were really into the show most particularly "Rock N Roll All Nite" and "Wipe Out."

The folks in the press box were also a pretty good audience, for both the show the student musicians were putting on and the one put on by a certain very loud announcer. If I had that reaction too often, I would get the big head, but I loved it.

One band that got my interest was the Pride of Highland Marching Band. As I mentioned before, I am a 1974 graduate of Highland, so I will give them some attention when we perform together. Regardless of my past history there, I am impressed with the fact that Highland, who march 175 student musicians, are more of a show band than a corps band, and that anymore is a dying breed.

All bands gave great performances from the Medina 7th and 8th grade festival band all through the host band, the Medina Musical Marching Bees. It was an enjoyable evening.


Liquid said...

And KUDOS to Douglas R. Smith for the fabulous video production of the Rittman Sleepwalker Parade!
I just love a parade!

Maybe because I like to wave!

"....Elbow, elbow, wrist, wrist!"

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