Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Week is half over

Surgery went fine today. Mrs74WIXYgrad come through fine, even though she started freaking in recovery and they had to get me. That's something they rarely do in recovery, but Kathy needed her security. We're back home now and she's on the mend.

I had to go get a prescription filled this afternoon. I went to the evil big box store and got some other items. On the way home, heading south on 57, there was a Frito Lay step van behind me. We were both doing the speed limit, maybe a couple of miles above. I take a look in my side view mirror and saw this Pontiac Aztec passing the step van. The Aztec also wanted to pass the MrsWIXYmobile. I also see this car coming in the opposite area. As the Aztec is approaching, I notice that a handicapped permit is hanging from the rearview mirror. Two questions then came to mind. The first one was, Is it mental or physical? The next one was, Is this dude on a recruiting drive? I pulled over just in case, but as far as I know everybody made it fine. Don't try that at home. The driver of the Aztec was obviously a moron.

While I was waiting at the hospital this morning, I was working on a new book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen R. Covey. It's amazing what you can find on the bookshelves at Goodwill. Judging by the condition of the book the previous owner tried to get the content by osmosis. I'm hoping I at least get my 50 cents worth out of the book.

Enjoy the weather.


WZZP said...

Habit 8: Eat more fried chicken!

bizdecision said...

I wish a speedy recovery for Mrs. WIXY.

I can't stand people who drive recklessly. I sympathize with you on that one since I drive a lot during the week.

I have the 8 Habits on cd. Good stuff. Very simple and common advice.

Speaking of thrift stores, I got a really nice suit over the summer at a Goodwill store on Lorain Road near Great Northern Mall for $20. I wore it today for work. Today was school picture day. I wanted to look good so I wore the suit. I couldn't believe the number of teachers who showed up casually dressed.

wzzp said...

Where has the self respect for the profession gone biz?

bizdecision said...

Good question, WZZP. And it's mostly the really young teachers that are doing it. I'm not really young or really old. I turn 37 next month. I don't get it.

bizdecision said...

WZZP, are you a teacher as well? I think WIXY e-mailed that info to me. Would you like to exchange e-mail addresses? We could do it through WIXY, if that's ok with him.

74WIXYgrad said...

WZZP and Biz,

If you guys want to contact each other, give me the word and I will send the email addresses out.