Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Quickies for a Tuesday

My creative well is dry today so I am going to just touch on some news items.

First-Next performance of the Rittman Marching Band will be this Friday at the Rittman-Northwestern football game. To be fair, the young men who comprise the Rittman football team, while putting together their best effort, most of them belong on a junior varsity squad. This is a largely freshman team and it's feared that too many injuries may bring a premature end of the season. Give them an "A" for effort, but also pray that no one gets hurt too badly. End of editorial.

The Rittman Indians Marching Band will also be participating in the 36th Sailor Marching Band Festival this Saturday in Vermillion. As this is the evening before the annual Woolybear Festival, the master of ceremonies for the show will be Dick Goddard of Fox-8 in Cleveland.

Mrs74WIXYgrad update-My wife Kathy has had a setback in her recovery from knee surgery, and her specialist has grounded her. He has also said that she can't return to the work she has been doing as a home health aide. that's a shame, as she really likes what she was doing.

One last thing for now: I had referenced Ray Glasser's excellent website, the WIXY/1260 Tribute site last week. I have this for all radio junkies. Ray has put together a real good links page at his site, which includes other tribute sites and message boards. Click here to check it out. Have a great week.


bizdecision said...

Please extend my get well wishes to Mrs. WIXY. Being a home health aide is a thankless but necessary job. Home health aides are angels in so many ways. My Mom relies on them for my diabetic Dad who can't walk anymore. He needs an aide to get him out of bed by using a mechanical lift and then he is put in a chair. Aides give my Mom a much needed break on weekends when she needs to go grocery shopping and run errands.

Please let her know that I value her work because I know how special they are.

74WIXYgrad said...

Thanks Biz. I'll tell Kathy to look at your comment. She'll appreciate your thoughts.

wzzp said...

Prayers to you Mrs. WIXY.

Ever consider medical billing? You can do it from home.

kathy said...

I appreciate your comments . I hope your dad is doing ok. I was told I couldn't go back to that. I am currently looking for something else.So thanks for you comments Just keep me in your prayers.

bizdecision said...

Mrs. WIXY (Kathy)...hello. I will indeed keep you in my prayers. I hope things work out for you.