Sunday, September 09, 2007

From the Pressbox-St. Vincent -St. Mary Fighting Irish Band Show

Saturday night was a humid night with showers in the forecast, but it was also show time for 10 area bands, including your Rittman Indians Marching Band, as the St. Vincent-St. Mary Marching Band presented the 2007 Fighting Irish Band Show.

This was the first occasion for the Rittman band to perform on artificial turf, so Ed Sims took the band out on the field to get a feel for it before the show started. As it still is summer, there was a great deal of humidity in the air which made it very sticky, to say the least. As I told other announcers, what we are complaining about in September, we will be wanting in late October.

After the host band played the Star Spangled Banner, the show began with St. Peter Chanel High School, from Bedford, performing a ghoulish mix of tunes, including Ghostbusters, Frankenstein, Evil Ways, and Thriller.

Canton Central Catholic was next with their Night of Terror. Their selections were Thriller, Time Warp, and Phantom of the Opera.
Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy came onto the field, and they performed hits from the sixties, Gimme Some Lovin', Everybody Needs Somebody to Love, Soul Finger, and Think.

Rootstown performed Disney tunes, transforming the field into the happiest place on Earth.

After a quick intermission, the James A. Garfield Marching Band from Garretsville took the field. They performed the following hits from the sixties;I Can See for Miles, The Stroke, Rebel Yell, Holiday, The House of The Rising Sun, and Hold On |I'm Coming.

Next up is your Rittman Indians Marching Band. The selections performed last night were YMCA, Paint it Black, Old Time Rock n Roll, Rock n Roll All Night, and Wipe Out. Despite the fact the air was still very heavy due to the humidity, the band gave, as usual, a very good performance, even though I still would like to see some pyro during Rock n Roll All Night. And your announcer? I did my usual job of tripping over my tongue.

Our friends from Garaway High School in Sugarcreek were next. Garaway performed classic hits from the seventies, Free Ride, Rock n Roll All Nite, Shout it Out Loud, and Don't Stop. Before the Garaway performance,their announcer Jim Scherr pulled the winning ticket for the fifty-fifty drawing.

Manchester Marching Band, from Akron performed songs from West Side Story.

The host band, the St. Vincent-St. Mary Fighting Irish Marching Band brought the night's events to a conclusion with their portion of the show. Their performance included themes from hit movies, 80's style. these included Back to the Future, Raiders March, Ghostbusters, and Flashdance-What a Feeling.

It was a very entertaining evening and all student musicians gave their all. Kudos to all directors, boosters, and anyone else who made the evening possible.

Cliff Notes: St.V-St.M had a very nice stadium. As I mentioned before this was the first time the Rittman students marched on field turf, and it made things a lot more humid at field level. All bands performed well regardless of conditions.

I was talking with Rittman Band Director Ed Sims toward the end of the show. He remarked to me about how quick the show was progressing. I had told him that the intermission was only 10 minutes and they held fast to that since someone with an iPhone saw a storm over Mansfield. After our part of the show, I took out the WIXY/at&t(formerly Cingular)phonecam and checked out the latest weather map. The storm was still over Mansfield. Mr. Sims told me that maybe the storm stuck over Mansfield and didn't ruin the show because we had four Christian schools at the show. Hmmm, maybe they had connections.

I had mentioned before that Garaway performed tonight. In years past we have performed with Garaway up to three times in a season, so I have gotten to know their announcer, Jim Scherr. He not only has announced longer than I, but does a better job. Only thing I have that he doesn't is a blog. Garaway is now off the schedule for the football team, so we will only get together in the occasional band show. Jim is one of the good guys in the pressbox.

Speaking of announcers, the St. V-St. M announcer is Tim Daugherty, morning show host at WONE/97.5. He got his job as band announcer the same way I originally got mine, as a band parent. To my surprise, Tim is also a radio geek, just like me so we got along fine. He had told me a story about Dick Goddard(who I will be with in two weeks)when Tim was weatherman over at WAKC-TV23. Dick had come through in a pinch when Tim was needing some information about a warning and couldn't get a hold of the weather bureau.

Tim had also told me about doing a remote at a furniture store, and Ron Sweed(The Ghoul)was also there. Tim said that he wasn't just a radio personality that day, but a fan also. I told Tim that it's always refreshing to see someone who makes a living on the radio that's not full of themselves. And while I'm typing this, I want to give a shout out to the folks at the locally owned and operated Rubber City Radio Group.

Next edition of From the Pressbox will be following the Rittman football game this following Friday. The Indians Marching Band will also be performing at the Medina Band Show on Saturday.


Liquid said...

Sounds like an awesome night of musical events! Hey.......I like all of their song selecitons! Especiallly...."Thriller".
Rock on!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!! Loved seeing the drum break picture from above (being I'm always on the field). As usual Cliff, You did a GREAT job.
See you Saturday in Medina!!!
B. (of the WGBB)
(Next home game on 21st!!!)