Friday, February 08, 2008

End of week wrap up(whatever that means)

I sometimes feel like a celebrity: I had a new visitor here this week, sent here by Amias. Her name is Maggie, and Suzanne tells me that she and Amias are long time friends. I thought I would check out her blogs, Southern Women With Backbones and Liquid Ice Musing. I got there and what do you know? This blog was already on her list of links at both. WOW! I am flattered, but I am humbled as well. Her links are not on the spot formerly known as Great Photos and Humor from Mississippi. It's now called "All Liquid All the Time."

My post from this morning may have been ill timed. I wrote a post this morning titled "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" which involved my distaste with the Cleveland, Ohio police department. I even posted a link on a couple of message boards at On my way home this morning, I hear Mike Trivisonno talking to some people about an incident concerning the SWAT team and a friend of Triv's. The SWAT team stormed into the man's residence and shot him in the face. He had a few bags of marijuana and $9000.00 at his residence. As I type this, I'm attempting to get to on another browser to find the story. I will post a link after I find that.

Anyway, Trivisonno is a great supporter of area police and will mention on air any benefits given for police officers. He said that today's show would not be a police bashing show, and I respect him for that.

The Cleveland police yesterday were really only doing their jobs in ticketing me yesterday. They did no wrong. The big thing I was questioning was the ticket instead of a warning and the fine connected to it. That's a city of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County thing. Selfishness on my part.

Pray for those involved in the shooting. Also, if you're interested, click here for Triv on demand and you can hear podcasts from today's show. All four broadcast hours(about 34 minutes per hour) pertain with the SWAT team incident.


Amias said...

Cliff ... Maggie is a dear friend. I talk to her about just about anything --- and of course your name comes up quite often.

I met her online back in 1998. We have traveled across the United States, and believe you me -- we ran into some prejudiced folks on both side of the color line .. But our friendship has no color. She is my best friend, and I flatter myself in saying -- I am hers.

Maggie is a little under the weather and I am requesting prayers for her, if you all would be so kind.

That said, my dear friend, we all know where your heart is, and we know you meant no harm to anyone. You was just ranting, and ranting is very healthy. It keeps the blood pressure down, and blogging it is the most safe alternative to take when ranting.

We all love and respect you --- and I don't think you can do anything to deter that. You have more than proved yourself as a good man and friend. Enough said!

Maggie said...

Cliff, thanks for your kind comments when yo mentioned my name. I was glad to see you dropped by my humble blogs which are still in a baby stage...I will grow as time goes on.

Amias, thanks for your friendship and the request for prayer.

I hope to be able to drop in more often in the future...keep the lamp in the window for