Friday, February 08, 2008

I am trying to get into a better mood

First, yesterday I had a record number of hits here. Thank you to all my friends, as you help make this happen.

The WIXYmobile is now at the muffler shop, and my problem will be fixed today. I will call municipal court to see if they will throw this out with proof of repair. Anyway this will give the Cleveland police time to do more important things, like looking for real criminals. I drove the MrsWIXYmobile to work today, costing my wife a day's pay.

If I can't get this thrown out, I will go in person to pay the fine, and will keep copies of the receipt, as I have to renew my drivers license this year. I will go to renew in plenty of time, just in case a warrent block is again placed on my license.

I promise that I will be back at lunch time to post another "I like...because" post. still have some steam to let off.


Amias said...

Cliff, you can let off as much steam as you like. Liquid has a good idea, the post was well thought out and well written. It'll probably get someones attention. Worth a try any ways.

You have a good day --- and sending you a lot of good wishes!

MondaythroughSunday said...

Hope you have a better day!! God will avenge you.. :)

Frasypoo said...

Hi Cliff
Let off steam and we will encourage you on.