Thursday, February 07, 2008


Cliff Note: We interrupt this normally upbeat blog to do some venting. The postive 74WIXYgrad will return to this space tomorrow.

"The problem is,we have a problem"-Cleveland mayor Frank Jackson

Cleveland, Ohio- Population 478,000. The mistake on the lake. No major sports championships since 1964. Current mayor would look more at home at the city mission instead of city hall. Last mayor had a great idea for revenue-adopting trash cans. Mayor before that said prior to leaving office that the city had a 12 million dollar surplus, however when his predecessor took office, she found that the city didn't have a surplus and was in debt. Another former mayor, now a U.S. Congressman took the city in default. The only major US city to go into default since the depression. And this guy thought that people would actually vote for him for president? Quick question: What does Charlie McCarthy and Dennis Kucinich have in common? They are both dummies.

Your next question probably is, what happened to you Cliff? I'll tell you. On my way home tonight, the WIXYmobile was running loud. I was driving on Central Avenue, a street more known for hookers and dope dealers than anything else. That's where the plant I work at is. Well the Hazzard, I mean Cleveland police, decided to go into pursuit of a scofflaw, me. I was pulled over and two police had to leave the cruiser to investigate me, a nearsighted, overweight, somewhat disabled 52 year old man in broad daylight. They took my information and come back and gave me a ticket. I called the municipal court and found out that this ticket will cost me 180.00.

Excuse me but where were the Cleveland police when I had my car broken into in front of the shop? They wouldn't come over there to take a report. Hot sign must have come on at the donut shop. Where were they when I had inherited my parents house and someone broke in? It took them 4 hours to respond to my call. But municipal court wasted no time to call me in for building code violations when I owned the house for only 5 months. Then these incompetents can't even keep track of their fines or when they were paid. I had to find out when I went to renew my tags and found out there was a warrant block put on my license.

You wonder why people won't come into downtown Cleveland? I'll tell you why. There are incompetent people running things there. Where I live, and for reasons of clarity, we shall call this the civilized world, you need police, the response time is minutes, not hours. People who own property have rights since they are also taxpayers. The mayor looks like an intelligent person. And the police take care of the important things.

City of Cleveland, you wonder why your education system is a mess? Look at your leaders.

This isn't 180 dollars worth, but I do feel a little better.


Bizdecision said...'s my pleasure to respond to this post. Our house was broken into last year about a year ago from now. I came home at 3:30 and found the house just a mess. Stuff was all over the place. The kitchen was a mess. My office was ransacked as well as several other rooms. Nothing major was taken.

Anway, I called 9-1-1 at 3:40. A cop didn't show up until 7:30! In between then, I called the non-emergency number and asked, "where are they?!" They told me that we can't touch anything until the cops arrive. When the cop arrived, he checked out the damage, took a statement, and told us that a detective needs to come out and dust for prints. He also said the detective would call before he came over. The detective called at 11:45 that night!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, that's right...a startling 8 HOURS after my original 9-1-1 call. He dusted for prints and couldn't find any.

That was that.

I fired off a letter to Mayor Jackson and left several messages with my councilman, Jay Westbrook. Jay's secretary called the next day to tell me that she would get back to me and try to find out why it took so long to respond. One of Mayor Jackson's aides sent me a letter apologizing for what happened and attached Jackson's plan for improving Cleveland's neighborhoods. What a joke.

Cliff, what were you cited for? Send me a personal e-mail about this.

Amias said...

I know where you are coming from Cliff, and this is one of the reasons why I pay more to live where I live --- sadly. Police response time is so quick here, it scary.

When I lived in my old community, what some called the "ghetto" --- police response time was anywhere from 1 day to 1 year! I am not joking. By the time they would get there, we would have forgotten the crime or who committed it.

Everybody is entitled to rant, it human nature, especially when you got a good reason to rant!

Like Biz, I am curious, what where you fined for?

stacys1175 said...

WOW!! I am so sorry that happened to you. Sounds like they need to get thier ducks in a roll. hope everything works out:) and heres a big hug for you sounds like you need it:)

Liquid said...

Man, that just stinks!
This was so well thought out and well put, maybe you should write a similar letter and send it to several city official addresses.
Can't hurt and I'm sure it won't be the first letter for them. You CAN make a difference with dilligence!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this happens in our neighborhood too. My walk lights were trashed a couple weeks ago, and when the police came they said they don't patrol up our way because "there are no problems". My answer to that was "That's what you told me last time I called you up here"!!!! Oddly enough the Trading Post lists other calls to our neighborhood. No Problems?? Think agaain!! Sorry you had troubles Cliff, all the murders happening in Cleveland lately, you would think they'd be more worried about those things than your muffler!!

Have a better day today.


Frasypoo said...

I know your pain,Cliff.We are going through this too!

74WIXYgrad said...

One of the reasons I think I was pulled over, was beause of the number 85 on the corner of my license plate, which identifies I'm from Wayne County. Cuyahoga County, where Cleveland is located has an 18 on the corner of their tags.

I had that same problem with the house that I had inherited. I feel that I was penalized because I lived 40+ miles away. I had to make the decision to sell the house for 24,000 when the fair market value was 36,000.

I went back to the neighborhood 6 months later and there was nothing done to the house, save a few windows boarded up. The grass was overgrown(I had kept the yard up the year before) and there was garbage strewn in the yard. I wanted to cry.

Like I indicated in my post, the city of Cleveland has no regard for those employed there who live outside of Cuyahoga County.

Pat Jenkins said...

are you saying you got busted for a violation of a noise ordinance wixy? there ain't nothing but strange sounds coming out of that town!!! how could you be singled out!!!