Friday, February 08, 2008

Student Rants over at Media Matters

My good teacher friend, Struke, has decided to go where no man or woman has ventured before and has let one of his students take over his blog for one post, which he has titled Student Rants.

Check out the first of what looks to be a promising series.


Amias said...

Cliff, I just left Struke's blog and I have to say, I was quite impressed.

I don't know why, and then again, maybe I do. I always feel like a student when I go over there. I enjoy expressing my opinions based on what is offered, and I dare say, I learn so much more.

You are a wonderful Public Relations (PR) person .. and if you should ever retire from your job, this is a field I think you would excel in.

Liquid said...

I just returned also from Struke's blog......

He is an exeptional teacher, I believe and I admire his approach to both teaching and learning.

And "kudo's" to Elexa for her/his honest and freedom in posting.


Struke said...

Amias and Liquid...hello and thank you to you both. I'm hoping that students think and reason at a higher level than what people think that "normal" teeenagers do. So far, I have to say that Elexa set the bar very high for the future posts.