Monday, February 25, 2008

I Like Jessica because........

Cliff Note:I originally posted this last week forgetting that Jessica was on vacation. According to my site meter she's back, so I'm moving this back to the top.

Taking a look at my blogroll, I notice that bloggers from the southern states outnumber those from northern states. Jessica is from Michigan and proud of it. Why, I don't know. Keep in mind that I live in Ohio. Jessica loves cold weather and the activities that come with it.

I discovered Jessica from Frasypoo's blogroll. The first thing I discovered was that Jessica is a photography nut. Second thing was that she is a proud band mom, like one of my best friends, Brenda. I first left a comment there when she took some pictures of her daughter Jordan at a band show. It was during marching season and we folks connected with our local marching bands seem to notice those things.

Of course I have to interject here that Jordan's band, the Hartford Indian Emerald Vanguard, is a corps band, as opposed to the Rittman Indians Marching Band, which is a show band.

Jessica loves her dogs and has a blog just for them, Seadra and Zoe. Seadra is an 8 year old boston terrier and Zoe ia a 4 year old pug. You can catch their adventures chronicled in that blog.

As I mentioned before, Jessica is a photography nut and has a blog called Through the Viewfinder, which is mainly dedicated to this hobby.

Jessica's main blog is called Five Pines, and is very much a family oriented blog, where she features herself, her husband, Craig, son Caleb, and afore mentioned daughter Jordan, who by the way has one of the prettiest smiles I have ever seen. The family seems closer to Ozzie and Harriet than Ozzie and Sharon. I will mention again as I have done before the web address, I think most who come here want to do that, and Jessica is a good example of making a difference by blogging. She also makes a difference by being a nurse, as I am sure that she uses the same compassion in her work as she does around all the blogs. And Jessica is also an advocate of wearing her seatbelt;)

You have to read Five Pines for that story. Enjoy your visit.


Bella said...

Jessica sounds cool.

I'm wondering what it is about you that attracts SOUTHERNERS though!

haha. =)


74WIXYgrad said...

Bella: It must be my rugged good looks, full head of hair, and my willingness to try something new, such as boiled peanuts.
Keeping in mind that my wife's parents are both from West Virginia, which is almost in the south.

Plus I love being called darlin'

Amias said...

Thanks Cliff .. I will drop in and catch a glimpse of that smile.

Michelle said...

What a nice idea. I really enjoyed being introduced to Jessica. I'll have to go read now. ;-)

Jessica said...

Cliff!! You sure know how to lift a person up. And you really do pay attention to details. Wow, a whole post dedicated to me and my family. I had to read this one out loud to my husband. We both liked the Ozzie and Harriet comment.... somedays that is true and somedays not :-)

You are right, we were on vacation all last week just getting home late this afternoon. I have to say it was one of the most realaxing vacations we've ever had. I am really excited about blogging all about it and posting some of the most amazing photos that I captured. I was really hoping to get some great shots of wildlife and birds and I was not didappointed. You'll be seeing and hearing all about it on my blog this week. There were so many magical monents that I can't do it all in one post. It will give me something to blog about all week.

Thanks again Cliff. You have a kind soul and I'm glad to have gotten to know you in this blogging world of ours.


Frasypoo said...

Hi Cliff
I thought I had posted a comment on Jessica but that word verification may have swallowed it!
Jessica is a sweetheart,she is very encouraging,we met thro our dogs