Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I like Pat J. because....

Alright now! This is the post everybody's been waiting for.... Well, some of you.... Uh Pat, here's your post.

Pat Jenkins
is one of the political bloggers on my blog roll. A conservative, he is the Rush Limbaugh of posters here. He comes to us from Springfield, Ohio via the golden EIB(Excellence In Blogging) keyboard. He also secretly hopes that Hillary is elected president. That way Pat won't run out of anything to blog about for at least four years.

The two of us kid each other, usually on the comment page. His other targets from this "family" are Frasypoo, who he refers to as Miss Poo, and Melanie of Monday Through Sunday fame. He calls her Miss Monday, which is what most of us would like to do. The day, that is.

Pat keeps up on the issues of the day and will most of the time post his light hearted take on them. If you check his blog daily, it will give you the urge to keep up on important issues this election year.

The name of his blog is Pat J.(at least in my mind)Knows it All. Check it out. Leave some comments and show him some love. He's very insecure.


Amias said...

I really have enjoyed reading his blog. I went to it from a link in another one of your post.

Cliff, I love your "I like ... post. They not only gives me a head up on the person you are "spotlighting", but it helps to make new friends. Thank ya! and Do have a nice day.

Liquid said...


Your new sense of humor is crackin' me up!

I too enjoy Pat's page and part of me is convienced that he does "Know Everything". he he he

I am also loving your "I Like..." posts. ALOT!

Much to you today dear.


{{{word verification: kokomo}}}

Isn't there a song with this word in it?

74WIXYgrad said...


I could have a new sense of humor from cracking up.

And I like doing the I like.... posts. It's a positive motivator.

Let's see "Aruba, Jamaica, c'mon let me take ya." That Kokomo?

Mine is qhifcm. That's Latin for I don't know what the heck it's supposed to mean.

Frasypoo said...

Hi Cliff
Pat is funny!!I enjoy kidding around with him!
I was laughing all day yesterday reading the comments on my tapeworm post!!!

MondaythroughSunday said...

ha, ha, Wixy!

I enjoy PJ a lot! His posts are to the point... and very interesting!

Pat Jenkins said...

that has got to be the best i like post i like. all kidding aside wixy that was very heart warming. i give you all the man love i am comfortable with.... your promotion is a great endorsement. i shall try and repay your help.... by the way i like the way liquid thinks, that i do know it all. if only my family thought the same way!!!

Pilgrim said...

The Rush Limbaugh of Blogging? I will now have to add Mr. Jenkin's to my blogroll.

Amias said...

Want you to know I had fun over at Pat J. He pushed a button, and you know me ... it was refreshing. thanks! I can't wait to see what he will blog about Sunday, I have been invited to drop by .. and I will.