Thursday, February 14, 2008

I like Struke because.....

Struke is another one of my message board friends. We became friends because he was once employed in radio and television, and he thought that I was, by the way I was conducting myself on the radio and television boards. We had one thing in common: a former employer of his is a marching band announcer for an area high school. We started communicating via email and that's when I found out that he was a teacher in an area high school and that he taught classes on electronic media. It was over a year ago when Struke started visiting my blog and has always had something positive to say about what I had to write about.

The blog Media Matters soon followed, and Struke's aim was to use it as an educational tool for his classes. Struke had the same Northeast Ohio audience as I and a mutual friend who is a former radio and television newsman who identifies himself as Newsnomore would stop by to give moral support, which to all of us Cleveland area message board posters turned bloggers means a lot. Newsnomore is an Ohio TV and radio broadcast hall of famer.

We also caused some controversy on the pro wrestling board. Actually I was causing the problem. Struke was just giving facts. This occurred right after the Chris Benoit tragedy and we posted about the problems in the WWE caused by steroids. We both think the product was better in the 80's when it was marketed for children.

Struke is a well rounded person, also being a music fan and a sports fan. But if he has any vice, it's being a news junkie. His biggest pet peeve is the way news is written today. He is not a fan of tabloid style newscasts, and he thinks some news copywriters should have some more schooling. Recently I had heard this on the news on the radio-"Ted Kennedy will give his endorsement today for Barack Obama. He is the second member of the clan to give his support to Obama...The Kennedy clan." I thought it was a funny blooper and emailed this to Struke. He used this as a teaching tool as a bad example of news writing.

What I've liked lately is my friend is becoming a friend to most of you. I see Media Matters on sidebars of other blogs. Struke and Amias have sort have formed themselves a mutual admiration society. I am also glad when those linked here go Struke's blog and leave comments about his students' efforts, all of which are positive.

We hope to meet for the first time soon over a Barberton chicken dinner.

Cliff Note: It felt great to be able to post again.


struke said...

Cliff...many props to you, my friend. You are like that old Neil Diamond song "Heartlight." In the song, Neil sings:
I just made a friend
A friend is someone you need
But now that he had to go away
I still feel the words that he might say
Turn on your heartlight
Let it shine whereever you go
Let it make a happy glow
For all the world to see

Cliff, I know, you haven't gone anywhere like in the song...keep the "heartlight" on for all the world to see.

Did you ever think a Neil Diamond song would be quoted in your blog?

74WIXYgrad said...


With all the love and support I have been shown the past couple of days, nothing is surprising me.

I am grateful I could honor you with my first regular post back.

frasypoo said...

I am enjoying his blog.Also good to find out that he is a runner.
Did I ever tell you I have a degree in journalism ?

PS:Hubbys fine was reduced to 150.a smaller amount but still crazy!My husband knows all the cops in the sorrounding cities so he dropped some names and the guy got an attitude!!!
THe cop may be from the cleveland school of policing!!!

Amias said...

Struke is a very good teacher,I learn so much by visiting and interacting over at his blog. I wished I had a teacher like him when I was sitting in the classroom, He inspires his students to greatness.

I am honored to be numbered as one of his friends.

Oh yes, I like a little Neil Diamond too --- he's the man.

Bella said...

Cliff, glad you're back to posting!

Struke drives a Prius. What more could you ask for? =)