Friday, February 15, 2008

I've got Friday on my mind.

I am so glad this week is over: Last night I finally had a decent night's sleep and it was restful. WIXYjr is doing better and is looking forward to a more productive life.

Cliff Note: Some of my closer friends know the circumstances, but out of respect to my son, I will not post the specifics. someone he grew up with once printed out WIXYjr's MySpace page and put it anonomously in our pastor's door. I guess this young man thought he was doing God a favor.

Getting new friends: I will be posting welcome messages in the days to come. It now looks like " I Like...Because" will become an ongoing feature.

I am now kicking around reposting some of my earlier work. That is if I can stomach reading some of my earlier work. I had thought about that as I was looking around some other websites. there's sopme of my earlier stuff that would be useful reposted.

And a big thank you goes to those who posted about me on their blogs as we were going through our struggles this past week. I had a problem reading them as I kept having to wipe the tears from my eyes.
Liquid was first and Pilgrim soon followed on Tuesday. Amias posted about my faith and character yesterday.

...and again, I thank everybody for their prayers.


Warren said...

Good news Cliff. I will continue to pray.

Amias said...

Blessed be, Cliff --- I too will continue to pray. Hope you and your beloved ones have a good weekend.

Tassycrafty said...

I found you from Liquid's blog and just know u are in my prayers.God Bless!

Liquid said...

My arms are frozen from hugging you all from so far,

But Amias helps me to warm them, PRN.


Liquid said...

Oh, and I met a helicopter pilot this weekend. And by grace, not just by chance.

Michelle said...

Sorry to hear you've had troubles, Cliff. I missed this first time I was reading here. Adding my prayers and best wishes as well.


"I am now kicking around reposting some of my earlier work. That is if I can stomach reading some of my earlier work."

Please do. I'd be interested to read. Plus I know with my own blog - in the early days I had about three readers. REcently I reposted one of those "lost" first stories, and everyone loved it. So yes - do repost your old favourites. :-)