Saturday, February 16, 2008

One New Friend, Two New Blogs

Best friend to everybody, Liquid, has sent some friends my way this week and they have left some very kind comments along with the promise of prayer for my family(BTW,WIXYjr is improving by the day).

One of the friends I want to introduce to those who don't know her is Chelle. She is another Mississippi product who now lives in Tennessee. Want to know why Ohio only has four letters? One is we have small signs. The other is the OSU marching band would kill themselves doing "script Mississippi." Where was I before I so rudely interrupted myself? Oh yeah., Chelle has been doing this blogging thing for a little more than 6 months. Like the rest of us though, she does have a passion for communicating. Other than that she's a horseback riding, biker chick thats likes to fish while listening to country music. Note to Chelle: I enjoyed "Wild Hogs" too.

As I implied in my post title, Chelle has two blogs. That's right we give you two for the price of one. But wait! There's more! Currently at Chelle's first blog, "Life is What you Make it," she's going through the alphabet posting a picture a day corresponding with a letter. Today she has posted about the letter "C". Her word is "creativity," but I think it should have been "Cliff." No special reason though, but I could at least help her find a picture for that. Update:Chelle has now added "Cliff" and placed my pic there. Who knows, that may be good virus protection.

But not to worry. Chelle has this blogging thing figured out. She has used her word, creativity, in order to shamelessly promote her newest blog, "Thoughts From My World," a blog in which you can be a charter reader. She has one post, written this past Thursday. The post is about love, something we show a lot of to each other.

Welcome to my corner of the blogosphere Chelle!


Chelle said...

Only because you are such a thoughtful man....I have added to my blog for the letter "C" to include you and your blog photo...
Thanks for mentioning my work...
More to come.

Amias said...

Cliff I have enjoyed my visit at Chelle, thank you.. Nothing wrong with promoting what we all think of as a "great person" ... Chelle did you proud!

Amias said...

Oh darn, I forgot to say ..
Welcome to the family Chelle ... glad to have you aboard!

MondaythroughSunday said...

Enjoyed my visit! Thanks!

Liquid said...

Dearest WIXY,

You cannot imagine the love and the heart felt grattitude I feel for this precious woman.

It is through, SHE, that Iva Lee Crenshaw, continues to live.

Chelle: I gulp at the mere joy of your presence.....everywhere!

I just love you both and yeah, you are soooooooooo part of this wonderful family.

ya' make a sistah' .......... proud!

Frasypoo said...

Hi Cliff
I am on my way to visit Chelle