Saturday, February 09, 2008

I like Tim Lones because.....

It's now time for me to pay tribute to one in my own backyard. Tim Lones writes a blog called Cleveland Classic Media. It's an extension of one of his hobbies and that's old television and radio. Tim and I are very much alike but the main difference in our blogs is he puts a lot of research into his.

Even though we consider each other very good friends, we have never met face to face. Our virtual meeting was on, where we were posting with media professionals. We both have posted on the Cleveland, classic television, and religious(sometimes referred to in the back of my mind as the holier than thou)boards. I was very impressed with Tim's knowledge of TV that we both watch as we were growing up. And the both of us have impressed the professionals for our knowledge of the mediums.

Tim works hard in the writing of his blog and has the respect of many industry people for his work. He has a collection of old TV Guides and sometimes will post schedules from the past. You go over to his blog and you might see what was on 40-50 years ago. Even though he has respect of professionals, he credits me for a lot of his inspiration. The feeling from me is mutual since if he didn't give me an example to follow posting on the message boards I may have never started blogging.

I urge everybody to go to Cleveland Classic Media and check out his hard work. Even if you don't live in the area, I think you will see why I admire his efforts.


Liquid said...

I like Tim too! He is so informative and I have to say that I have learned quite a bit from visiting his blog.

Great Work Tim!
Please continue to keep us up to "par" with the classics!


Tim Lones said...

Bless your heart for the kind words..

You are a gem..The blog has gone beyond what I envisisoned for it..I've been thinking of starting a second blog for more personal comments..Any suggestions as to a name for it?..Anyone else can respond.

74WIXYgrad said...


Thank you for your comment and remember that you have had a lot to do with the progress of this blog.

Are you looking to do a faith based blog like Seek Him First?

Hey! This isn't funny. It's the third time with the word verification and this is my blog!

Tim Lones said...

My original Idea was to do another broadcasting-based blog, consisting more of my own opinions and thoughts of the industry today..I even had a cool name for it.."Broadcast Bytes"..However, after thinbking it over, The concept was rather limiting..I decided to go for more of a general interest type blog..While the blog may not be "faith-based", as such, I want it to be more about life day by day with me and my wife..I still reserve the right to write about broadcast-related topics and opinions, however..As the Lord may lead I will also write about our faith and our church, etc..Thanks for any suggestions..