Thursday, February 21, 2008

My day in court

I'll tell you, going to downtown the Justice Center in Cleveland in February is not the thing I want to do the most. The temperature was announced at 23 degrees and with the wind coming off the lake it made the wind chill very cold. Two things I didn't have to worry about being this close to the Justice Center under these circumstances. That was the presence of pan handlers and brass monkeys.

So I park my car and go into the building and have to pass through the metal detectors. They're not as much fun since my artificial knee quit setting them off. No problem, I must not have the magnetic personality I thought I had.

I go upstairs and wait...and wait...Then we now are allowed into the courtroom. The cases are progressing somewhat alphabetically and I was number 59 on the list.

As we were being seated, I saw a sign that said that court costs would be $120.00. I got to thinking that for that much I could get a room at the Holiday Inn Express for 2 nights. But then again if I had slept at a Holiday Inn Express, I might not be sitting in traffic court.

The Magistrate comes in and explains all the options. By some of the arguments I heard while I was waiting for my case to be heard, the judge's explanations should have been closed captioned for the intellectually impaired.

My turn came and the magistrate read my charge and I produced my insurance card and my receipt for repairs. She asked me what my plea was and I said "no contest". At one point I said "yes, ma'am" instead of "yes, your honor." think that showed three things. One, I was nervous, two, I don't spend a whole lot of time in court rooms, and three, I am a gentleman.

After I entered my plea she said I find you not guilty and you are free to leave. I thanked her and left.

So let's review this:
Cost of two hours missed wages-$28.00 before taxes


ATM Charge-$2.50

Being found not guilty-PRICELESS

The prayers of all my blogging family-


Chelle said...

Glad to hear that all went well.
Prayers were answered.

struke said...

Cliff...I am happy for you. Did it feel like a tremendous inconvenience and a waste of time? I got cited a few years ago for having an obscured license plate by the Beachwood Police Department. I took it to court and won but the hassle of getting out of work and appearing in court to defend and successfully win the case ticked me off a little bit. Sometimes, why do these things happen to good people?

74WIXYgrad said...

Honestly Struke, I think maybe the hope was that I would waive it and pay the $180.00, which is what I was going to do until some of my co-workers advised me to go and show the judge my receipt.

A hassle? Yes, but also a lesson that could have cost me more.

Yes Chelle, I believe in not only the power of prayer but also the power of friendship, which I got from my blogging friends the past two weeks.

Pilgrim said...

Your day was much better than the brass monkeys.

struke said...

WIXY...either way, I am happy you came through it ok. It always shocks me when good people "run afoul" of the law. It's one of those "this can't be true" type things. It provokes one of those "you have got to be sh***in' me" reactions.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic!! Glad you didn't have to pay those court costs!!!
Have a WONDERFUL week-end everybody!

B. the band mom.

Kathy said...

Good for you!

Mike Dane said...

Good for you Cliff.
Sometimes the Justice system

And do you know what a brass
monkey is? (and no googling)

74WIXYgrad said...

I know the saying: It's cold enough to freeze the ***** off a brass monkey. This is called stepping out of character.

Pat Jenkins said...

ohh that is just what we need. another criminal in the state of ohio getting off easy!!... i kid wixy. it was a senselss fine and i am glad you WON!!!

MondaythroughSunday said...

Happy to hear all went well!

Liquid said...

Ta Ta Dah!
I am so glad all went well, dear sir!

Yeah, I think I'll like law school!
You are in my thoughts and prayers right now!

Amias said...

Prayer works!