Monday, February 11, 2008

Living on the Edge

Sometimes living on the edge can have it's downfalls. I had to go into work early this morning because I had to be with my brother at the doctor's office. By early I mean 5:00am, Eastern. That's 4 am, Central, 3am, Mountain. The reason I had to be at the doctor's with my brother is because he's mentally and physically disabled and my wife and I have custody of him.

Back to my story. As I left home, I forgot the WIXY-at&t/phonecam. I thought no biggie even though it was a whopping 2 degrees(that's farenheit for those outside of the U.S.). Well I get to work and my fuel gage was about at the empty mark.

About 9:00 I leave the shop and I know the first stop I have to make is for gas, and for reasons I blogged about last week, I don't want to spend any money inside of Cleveland city limits. So the second exit outside of Cleveland, which would be Harvard Ave in Newburgh Hts., I stop at the BP. The WIXYmobile has an 8 gallon tank and it took 8.6 gallons. I go in, get a cup of cofee and I'm on my way. So far so good.

Going south on I-77, I notice that the northbound traffic was at a crawl(for Moose and Moose, serious shiesters for frivilous lawsuits, this is 74WIXYgrad), so I was glad I wasn't going that way.

The appointment was at 10:00 and because of the traffic, I was about 5 minutes late in getting there. I get there and forget which doctor littleWIXY had his appointment with, so I borrow the phone at the reception desk and find out that enroute to the doctor, littleWIXY had gotten a nose bleed which caused the ambulet driver to freak out and return him to the nursing home. Cliff Note: littleWIXY is three years younger than I. However he is about three inches taller and weighs more. the home tried to get ahold of me, but I was on Route 8 and the WIXY-at&t/phonecam was at home. Had this happened this past Friday, I may have gone postal, but seeing that I had some frozen brain cells, I laughed it off.

So let's review this:
Tank of gas-$24.50
Cup of coffee-$.99
Turnpike toll-$1.00
2 hours pay missed $28+
Having something to blog about-Priceless


Liquid said...

Oh Cliff,

Bless your heart. Both your hearts to be exact.


Four gloves.
Two pair of socks

meant for two.

"Shower the people you love with love, .......... , even if its freezing!"

Liquid said...

And oh,

YOU are priceless!

word verification, no kidding:



Pat Jenkins said...

wixy i want to compliment you on the direction your blog has been going recently. i.e. props and shout outs of all your fellow bloggers. you are quickly becoming the drudge report for the bloggersphere. i for one have enjoyed it.. though i could be mentioned more often. but that is neither here nor there!!

74WIXYgrad said...

Well Pat, this could be up for discussion. I could start a new WIXYmobile fund if you know what I mean;)

Amias said...

Just beautiful --- you have a heart of gold, and a wonderful sense of humor.

Warren said...

So many people outside the blogshepere are critical of us. They "don't get blogging" or "why do I want to read about someone elses life?". Infidels.

Here's the answer. I just shared a coffee with my buddy Cliff and listened to him tell a light hearted story that made me smile.

It's not really difficult to understand.

Now, I'm going to take my coffee and stroll over to Liquid's place.

Bella said...

Oh my goodness!!!!

Enjoyed the post Cliff!


Frasypoo said...

Hi Cliff
now i know why we are friends,our days are never tedious !We laugh in the face of monotony

Kathy said...

You and Frasypoo always have something happening!