Monday, February 18, 2008

When the Hungrys hit....

One of the first WIXYcam assignments was on the end of May last year. I was on vacation and went around and snapped some pictures of former Red Barn restaurants. I sent them in to the site and webmaster, Rich Perrot posted them on his site, where he has several "Barns Gone Bye" pages. On the next page, one of my friends, Scott Miller, took a pic of one of the fromer Barns, which he sent to me, and I in turn sent it to Rich.

Not to be outdone, Mike Dane aka the Danemeister, sent pics of two former locations along with some history and information of the current use of the buildings.

If any one reading this knows of former locations still with original buildings that haven't been sent to the site, I'm sure Rich would appreciate the input. And he will give you due credit for the contribution. Email information is available at the site,


Amias said...

I have never seen so many of these before .. this is so amazing. Beautiful, as I love the shape of barns and the colors.

Thanks for posting this, I enjoyed my visit.

Chelle said... that you have made me very hungry..I must go prepare some lunch!

Maggie said...

I enjoyed seeing the red barns and reading a bit of history about them.
I do not recall seeing any of them in the South when I was young.

The main barn I knew about was on my grandfather`s farm and I loved playing there on rainy days.

There was one other barn which stands out in my mind but that is another story.

Frasypoo said...

thats neat...will check out the links

PS:I want people to look at me and say...that woman is a runner!!!
But thankyou for the assurance !

struke said...

WIXY...somewhat related...three restaurant chains that my folks used to take me to during my earlier years were Burger Chef, the LK restaurant, and Howard Johnsons. What was once the Howard Johnson restaurant is still standing on route 30, not too far from WQKT. I think it got turned into a strip club. So much for memories.