Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Snowy Day Update

Yes, we now are being hammered in Northeast Ohio with quite a bit of snow. Drive into work was far worse than the drive home tonight. Going in, I wasn't even thinking about doing near the speed limit. Trip home was smooth sailing. For Moose and Moose, serious shysters for frivolous lawsuits. this is 74WIXYgrad.

Couple of friends have some noteworthy material on their blogs.

First, Cleveland Classic Media: Tim is starting to put some of his material on YouTube. First item that he is sharing with us is from the WKYC- Channel 3 in Cleveland, the 50th anniversary special end credits. It's worth a look. Tim does well in all his endeavors and I think he will also do well representing my home area on YouTube.

Next, Five Pines: Jessica is back from vacation and sharing some of her many photos with us bloggers and others. Today she has photos of a bald eagle she had the privilege of seeing. Several photos already posted and more on the way. Thank you for sharing your memories with us Jessica.

Everybody have a great week.


Chelle said...

we have just had some flurries this afternoon here in middle Tennessee but it is beginning to accumulate....hope the drive in tomorrow is better for you.

wzzp said...

I like the new colors. Of course I am partial to blue.

Your blog is much more worth the read than certain forums. Thanks for all you do.

How about our church exchange? Have any dates?

Jessica said...

I just posted my deer photos tonight. They are my favorites!!

It's a priviledge to share them.

Tim Lones said...

Thanks for the continued support. The only reason I started with that particular clip is it was a fairly small clip (76MB-2 minutes)And it was all together. I still need to learn how to edit longer clips to get them small enough to put on while staying within YouTube's 100MB Guideline..A work in progress for me...


Frasypoo said...

Hi Cliff
Its been great here,cool and windy.I am dreading summer

MondaythroughSunday said...

Stay safe, Cliff!