Sunday, February 03, 2008

Some notes and adventures in Amish Country

Liquid is back in a big way: It was great this weekend to see our good friend Liquid posting again, and being in mid season form. I knew she could get over the hump. Suzanne, I am looking forward to seeing new posts over at Liquid Illuzion. You go girl.

I spent some time in Amish country yesterday. We go to this store south of Kidron, Ohio called the Ashery. The Ashery deals in bulk foods, many items that you can't get at your local supermarket. It's about 1/2 hour from my house. It was cold yesterday morning so I could imagine those Amish in their buggies were quite cold. They were out, I know because we had a buggy acting as a pace car as we were traveling down Kidron Rd. No passing zone, and many curves and hills. We finally get to a straightaway and Jacob pulls over. Green, green, green! We go from pit road speed of 15mph to 50, and away we go. (That is just a reminder that the Budweiser Shootout is only 2 weeks away.)

On the way back, we stopped at a store called Bent and Dent. It had distressed merchandise and we got some very good deals. The store itself was lit by gas lights and heated by a wood stove. One of the best, or worst, deals was a case of Faygo diet chocolate cream pie soda. It was free and worth every cent of it. I thought that since it was cold, wet, and carbonated, someone would want it. I thought wrong. Outside of the pop(that's what we call the soft drink here in Ohio) We did buy a banana box full of assorted merchandise and paid $16.00 for it.

With football season ending today, it's just another sign that spring training for baseball is just a couple of weeks away. It will be the Cleveland Indians last spring in Winter Haven, Florida as they move their training complex to Goodyear, Arizona for spring training 2009.


Jessica said...

Sounds like a fun day. We have an Amish community about 2 hours from us and about once a year I love to go and shop the neat places they have.

Liquid said...


Bent N Dent

I love the name of this store.

Can you imagine a Car Dealership named that?
Too honest.

Oh my!

Amias said...

I think about the old days, and ... well, I don't think I can hang because I am out of training. Glad you had a nice day ---

My grandson and husband have driven me crazy with this football season, so I am looking forward to baseball because I like it better.

Yes, Liquid is back in full force .. good to pop in and there she is!