Friday, February 01, 2008

New Month, New Featured Blog

January is gone, February is here. A Day in the Zone was the featured blog, and Diamond is doing well showing her readers how to effectively change their lifestyles in order to be thinner and healthier. I still urge those to go there for diet, exercise, and other tips that will be a benefit to their health.

For the month of February, I would like to showcase Liquid Plastic as the featured blog. Amias shares her experiences as she expresses herself so well. Even though we have been cyber friends for a few months, Amias lets her readers feel like they have known her for a long time.

My teacher friend, Struke says this "Amias, Your posts should be required reading for English composition classes. They are very deep, thoughtful and can be analyzed so many different ways because of the meanings." I am not as educated as Struke, but I agree with him. Her posts challenge me to think.
Yes, I am a fan of Amias. I would like for everybody who comes here to be a fan also.


Amias said...

Thank you Cliff. I am honored indeed.

I have been mostly on my own since I was eleven, suffered massive abuse on all levels of my life, for years -- I learned to forgive myself for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and forgive those that caused me pain.

I am not an educated person, as far as formal education is concerned, but I do have a PhD in the hardships of life -- I am human, therefore I make human errors, but I like to think I have evolved into being a decent person.

I am a mother of five, grandmother of 13, soon to be 14 --- out of those, one is a great-grandchild.

I love to blog because it takes the stress away, and allows me to make friends. I love interacting with people, because human beings are so very unique. I believe, like you, in open and honest dialogue.

Although we haven't been friends long, Cliff, I feel I know you, as you have taught me something that is helping me in my 38 year marriage -- and you have inspired me with your humanity, and the love you have for others.

That said, I thank you for this honor, and for accepting me as I am.

Kathy said...

I've read her blog some recently. She really has some deep thoughts to share and I've enjoyed reading them!

Liquid said...

Thank you so much for your precious heart and all the prayers that flowed from it!

Liquid said...

And my dearest, Amias.....

She is a jewel. Her talent and love are unboundable.

Bravo sister, BRAVO!